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Can you get lice from your pets?

Anyone who has children and a dog or cat knows all too well the love between their son or daughter and their pet. The cat is smuggled into bed as soon as you are not looking, the dog has to undergo dozens of cuddling sessions every day and they romp around in the garden as soon as the weather permits. That close contact between children and their pets is endearing, but what happens if your dog or cat has lice? Is your son or daughter guaranteed to get them too? Find out the answer quickly!
luizen huisdieren

Pets with lice

Actually, we can reassure you right away: animals may have lice – and not just fleas, as is often thought – but they are not the same critters your kids might come back from camp scratching. Conversely, neither can your children pass their head lice to your dog or cat.

Treating lice in children and animals

Of course, just because your child and your dog can’t infect each other with lice doesn’t mean you want to let pets just walk around with lice. It’s best to treat dogs, rodents and rabbits with a natural bug spray, such as Pistal. Take care of their crates and other favorite places as well. Attention: look carefully at the instructions for use, because cats and small dogs are often an exception and should not be treated with certain products.

Save your children from lice with Elimax 2in1. The oligodecene oil kills lice and nits by suffocation and dehydration. While the specially developed LPF keeps new lice away by neutralizing the hair’s electrostatic charge and providing a lice-repelling scent. Elimax 2in1 does continue to smell great to you and your child.

And what about fleas?

Dogs or cats that have fleas can cause a nuisance to humans. Normally, fleas lay eggs in the fur of animals. However, a flea can also nest in a warm environment – such as your bed or sweater – and bite you to suck blood. Such a flea bite itches very badly, but fortunately disappears on its own. With Pistal, you get rid of fleas from your pet as well as your bed, sweater and couch.