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ANTI-LICE and nits

You no longer need to tear your hair out over the problem of lice.
We have officially declared war against head lice!
Arm yourself withElimax and you will never need to worry about lice again.

Anti-lice and nits

Elimax' s mission? The MAXimum ELimation of lice and nits. You can count on Elimax to redeem yourself from lice and nits. We do this with as little hassle as possible for you or your children. We combine two short treamtment times and an easy washable solution with our protection factor in two products from our treatment range. So you are quickly rid of those scary critters.

100% Effective

From lice on your couch to nits in your hear? All our products are thoroughly and scientifically tested to ensure that no lice or nits can "make thereself at home" in your hair. With our treatment products, you will be completely rid of lice and nits in 1 5-minute treatment.

No tablets icon big

No harmful ingredients

You won't find any silicones or insecticides in our treament products or preventive shampoo. Why? Lice can become resistant against insecticides. Also, silicones and insecticides are harmful for the environment and difficult to dissolve by nature. Furtermore, It's a real hassle to wash out silicone based products. Silicone makes your hair greasy and dull. Our textile and furniture spray contains plant-based ingredients and is dissolved by air and sunlight after only 30min.

Lice under the microscope

What you have always wanted to know
about lice...

Lice that occur in humans are sucking insects that leave bite holes in the scalp. These holes cause itching. Lice cannot jump or fly, only crawl. They move from head to head via electrostatic attraction and at random.