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Science info

This section of the website is designed for specific audiences, such as pharmacists and scientific workers.

You can download the scientific research studies behind Elimax®here.

In vitro dip test: 100% killing efficiency.

Nov 2013 – March 2014 (Oystershell RoA in vitro activity dip test pediculus X9200 (401.88 Kb)

Clinical trial: 94,1% cure for moderate infestations

(Randomized, Controlled, Investigator-Blinded, Comparative Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of X92001327 versus RID Shampoo in Subjects with Head Lice) (401.88 Kb)

Lice prevention Factor Test, Statistical Report,

Els Adriaens, Aug 2013 (231.26 Kb)

Infestation deterrent effect of X92001483 (Elimax shampoo) against Ischnocera lice on poultry (403.21 Ko

Jennifer Ketzis. 2014. (403.21 Kb)

Acceptation research lice lotion,

VG Sensory, April 2013 (150.54 Kb)

In vitro efficacy comparison of Elimax to a dimethicone (4%) containing head lice treatment;

independent research agency; December 2012 (391.37 Kb)

Ovipositional avoidance thanks to LPF™. 2015. In Vitro and In vivo Evaluation of Infestation Deterrents Against Lice.

Yoon, Ketzis, Andrewes, Wu, Honraet, Staljanssens, Rossel, Clark. 2015. (636.81 Kb)

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