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Fighting lice with a safe and easy-to-use product

The scalp is a pretty sensitive place, and especially with children you don’t want to use products that are harmful or overly aggressive. Does your son or daughter have lice and you want to treat the problem safely (while being sure to kill all the lice)? Then the best solution is Elimax, a product based on oligodecene oil. In what follows, we compare the action of this product with that of insecticide-based anti-lice remedies.
Elimax luizen bestrijden met een veilig en ebruiksvriendelijk product

The Scalp: A Sensitive Area

The scalp is quite a sensitive place, and especially with children, you naturally don’t want to use products that are harmful or too aggressive. If your son or daughter has lice and you want to treat the problem in a safe manner (while being certain that you’re killing all the lice), it’s best to turn to Elimax, a product that works on the basis of oligodecene oil. Below we compare the operation of this product with that of anti-lice products based on insecticides.

Insecticides as an Anti-Lice Treatment?
No, Thanks!

It might surprise you because you’d rather not spray it on your child’s scalp, but a number of anti-lice products contain insecticides. The least you can expect from such a harmful product is that it effectively kills lice – and while that’s certainly the case initially, lice become resistant to it. This is problematic because certain children (for example, children with long hair or hair that is electrostatically charged) get lice several times a year. In them, anti-lice products based on insecticides no longer work as efficiently after a while. Moreover, the products are bad for health and nature.

Treating Lice with the Unique Elimax Formula

The Elimax team of Belgian researchers and developers – rightly! – thought this could be done better and researched silicones as an anti-lice product. It worked: the lice suffocated and became dehydrated, so they died. Silicones are indeed safer and more efficient, but there were also downsides. The product was not user-friendly because it made the hair quite greasy.

Elimax therefore continued to innovate and subsequently launched a new formula with which the brand still makes a big impact today. The Elimax products now work on the basis of an oil. The agent is just as effective as silicones: the oil dehydrates the lice and covers their breathing holes, so they suffocate. After treatment with Elimax 2in1, the hair remains non-greasy and healthy. And your health or the environment does not suffer in any way!