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Prepare for the first day of school with this handy checklist

Whether your child is eagerly awaiting the first day of school or has been secretly walking around with a slight stomach ache from the excitement for the past few days, proper preparation is crucial to making this special day a success. Bringing your son or daughter to school in a hurry only to realize at work that his or her lunch box is still in your bag? Thanks to this handy checklist, you’ll avoid any surprises.
eerste schooldag

Preparing items for the first day of school

There’s a good chance your child’s school bag hasn’t been touched over the summer months. No problem, of course, but it might be a good idea to set it outside for a day so it can air out. What needs to go inside the school bag? Think of paper tissues or wet wipes, a snack, a lunchbox, a water bottle, and possibly a change of clothes.

Additionally, a card with your details or the details of close family members might come in handy. If your child’s school bag gets lost, there’s a good chance it will be returned more quickly thanks to your information. Such a card also proves its worth in an emergency. Better safe than sorry!

Finally, a plastic bag is useful for storing fruit scraps if your little one doesn’t immediately see a trash can.

Getting into the rhythm

During the holiday, it’s perfectly fine to go to bed a bit later and get up a bit later. But your child needs to get back into the school rhythm in time to not start the day tired. Put them to bed earlier and wake them up earlier – at the time you would get up on a weekday.

What after the first school day?

Your child is likely to score points if their favorite meal is served after the first day of school! But it’s also better to have the practical details in order. For instance, get a good stain remover at home, so you can treat any stained outfits immediately. Also, having a lice shampoo is not a luxury. Since lice spread through hair-to-hair contact, children are especially susceptible – and if there’s a lice alert at school, you naturally want to be able to act immediately.

Thanks to the Lice Protection Factor (LPFTM), Elimax’s lice shampoo and lotion work preventively for up to three days, so you don’t have to wait until your child falls prey to those pesky bugs. LPF ensures, on one hand, that the electrostaticity is removed from the hair, making it more difficult for lice to move from one head to another, and on the other hand, LPF emits a scent that we cannot smell but that lice find particularly unpleasant. So, they are repelled by the treated hair and no longer want to lay their eggs in it. Hello Elimax, … bye, bye lice!