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How many times a year can children get lice?

A school year is pretty structured: in September it’s time to go back to school; there are the school vacations and camps to look forward to; Father’s and Mother’s Day to craft something for; and so on. But chances are that during that well-filled year, lice will visit once in a while. If there is an infestation of lice at school; your son or daughter puts on a hat of a friend with lice; or crawls close to someone with lice for a selfie, chances are he or she will bring the critters home with him or her a little later. But how many times a year can children actually get lice? You can read the answer here!
luizen krijgen

Some Children Get Lice More Often Than Others

Let’s just say it straight: the number of times a year a child gets lice does not only depend on the circumstances – for example, the chance of coming into contact with the pests is slightly greater at camp or when a classmate has lice – but also on the type of hair your child has. Long, loose hair is most susceptible to lice. In addition, hair that is electrostatically charged – think of curls – attracts lice. Literally, because lice cannot jump and use that electrostaticity to travel from head to head.

Nothing to Be Ashamed Of

Whether your child never deals with lice, or is plagued by them eight times a year, is hard to predict – and there is certainly no general guideline to be made. What is important to know: a child who gets lice very often simply has hair that the pests find attractive. It has nothing to do with poor hygiene (contrary to what is sometimes still thought).

Preventing Lice: It’s Possible!

Does this mean you just have to wait until your child comes home from school scratching? Nothing could be less true. The Lice Protecting Factor in Elimax 2in1 ensures that the hair is no longer electrostatic and thus prevents (re)infestation for up to three days. In addition, the product contains a special scent, which is not unpleasant for humans, but which does keep the lice at a distance. And the good news: you can find Elimax 2in1 products at your local pharmacy!