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Lice, a taboo subject? Nothing to be ashamed of!

Anno 2018, unfortunately, lice infestation is still a taboo subject. Lice are still too often – and wrongly – associated with substandard hygiene. In the Netherlands, the organization Luizenradar even tried to eradicate the lice taboo last year with the #YesWeComb campaign. But we would also like to explain why you really don’t need to be ashamed about lice.
luizen taboe

What are lice attracted to?

Do lice prefer to nest in unwashed, stinky or dirty hair? The answer is a clear no. The biggest misconception about lice is that they choose a head based on personal hygiene. So if you thought you could spare your child from a lice infestation by washing them three times a day, we have to disappoint you.

Lice move via hair-to-hair contact. They need to be able to grip your hair. It doesn’t go smoother if you haven’t washed your hair for a while, but it does if your hair has a high electrostatic charge. That’s why, for example, people with curly hair are at a slightly higher risk than those with short, straight hair. Fortunately, there is a simple way to reduce the static charge of your hair.

Meet Elimax 2in1!

Both the anti-lice lotion and shampoo from Elimax 2in1 contain LPF® or Lice Protecting Factor, an innovation that reduces the electrostatic charge of the hair and emits a scent that lice find unpleasant. LPF® makes your hair or your children’s hair less attractive to lice, and also works preventively. So do not hesitate to use Elimax 2in1 preventively, for example, when there is a lice alert at school, but your children have not yet been affected by lice. By the way, you can find Elimax products just around the corner at the pharmacy.

Breaking the lice taboo with Luiz the louse

Elimax also actively contributes to breaking the taboo surrounding lice. For this purpose, it created the mascot Luiz the louse to educate children about lice in a playful manner. The taboo surrounding lice infestation can only be broken if enough is known about lice and parents and children can talk about it without shame.