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“Lice jump miles” and 4 other myths about head lice

We attribute a false image to many large animals. For example, the black bear is not at all the aggressor we often think it is, and most sharks are not nearly as greedy for our blood as sensationalist reports would have us believe. But there are many misunderstandings about even the smallest creatures. Here we take a look at some persistent myths about lice.

Lice jump like the best of them

Once and for all: lice can neither jump nor fly. While fleas can jump a distance of up to a hundred times their own body length, lice are doomed to crawl. In other words, you need hair-to-hair contact to transfer them (or contact with a hat or other headgear where the pests are hiding).

Having lice means you’re dirty

Although lice are anything but pleasant company, a visit from these creatures does not mean that your hygiene (or that of your affected children) is lacking. Lice do not discriminate and visit both freshly washed hair and hairstyles that could use a shower. Why is it then that one child suffers from lice more often than another? Lice move from head to head thanks to the electrostaticity of the hair. Children with more electrostatically charged hair, for example, because they have curls, therefore experience more trouble.

The Lice Protecting Factor in Elimax 2in1 ensures that the hair is no longer electrostatic and thus prevents (re)infestation.

Lice survive outside the hair

Lice can survive about two days outside the scalp. It is therefore important to also make sure to free clothes, car seats, sheets, and brushes from lice. This can be done by washing the items at 60° or putting them in the freezer – but of course, not everything is suitable for such treatment. Pistal, a natural insect spray, offers a quick and safe solution. The spray kills lice and nits on all surfaces, such as a child’s seat, cap, sweater, scarf, cushion, couch, comb, or brush. Thus, Pistal avoids accidental reinfestation. Extra handy: Pistal does not stain and works immediately.

Pets distribute lice

Animals can have lice, but these are not the same pests that make our lives miserable. The reverse is also true: you cannot pass your head lice to your dog or cat.

Crawling lice make you itch

The itchy scalp associated with these pests is not due to lice tripping over your skull. It’s not their little feet you feel, but their bites: they make a hole in your scalp to drink blood, and it’s that wound that makes you scratch like crazy. Elimax After-treatment Shampoo contains allantoin which soothes the scalp and relieves the itch. In addition, this product makes it easier to comb out the stubbornly sticking nits from the hair.