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Fighting lice: is it best to use a lice shampoo or lotion?

Looking for a lice control remedy? We zoom in on the benefits of Elimax, and walk you through the difference between shampoo and lotion!

As a parent, you naturally want the best for your little one, so if your son or daughter complains about itching or if you see them scratching their head, it’s time for a lice check. The same applies when you receive a note from the school warning of a lice outbreak. If after that check you spot nits and lice, then it’s time to tackle the issue head-on. However, there are many products on the market to combat lice, and you might not see the wood for the trees. We focus on the benefits of Elimax and guide you through the difference between shampoo and lotion!

Choose a natural remedy

Elimax shampoo and lotion have an edge over most other lice control products because they do not contain insecticides. It goes without saying that you would rather not treat your son or daughter’s scalp with insecticides, but such harmful substances also cause a lot of damage to nature. There are other non-insecticide products – specifically based on silicones – but they make the hair dull and greasy, and those products are less easily washed out. Finally, silicones break down poorly in nature.

What does Elimax contain, then? Oligodecene oil, which covers the breathing holes of lice so that they suffocate and die, without making your hair unpleasantly sticky or dull.

Lice shampoo – or is the lotion better?

The Elimax range includes both a shampoo and a lotion. Both products have undergone a series of medical tests to ensure they meet the highest quality standards. However, there are also differences between the shampoo and the lotion, and these have less to do with the length of your child’s hair (just to name something), but more with the degree of infestation.

If you are dealing with a large infestation, where you find more than 25 lice in your child’s hair? (You don’t have to count the lice exactly, but can determine the number roughly by sight.) Then it’s best to use the lotion, which is a bit more concentrated than the shampoo. If there is a light infestation, with fewer than 25 lice? Then the shampoo is sufficient, which you can also use to preventively treat other family members.