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Are lice more common in children than in adults?

Anyone who hears the word “lice” probably immediately thinks of a class of five-year-olds plagued by a new infestation of lice just about every month. But why is it that we automatically associate lice with children? Are adults not at risk then? We unravel this mystery once and for all.
luizen volwassenen

Playing: The Way to Transfer Lice

Lice are only passed on through hair-to-hair contact, they do not jump. Since children in kindergarten and primary school are constantly playing and romping around, they are at a much higher risk of making head contact with another child. The same goes for youth movements, sports camps, and hobbies. But also, teenagers taking a selfie or hugging each other are in the danger zone. Adults not only make less hair-to-hair contact with others but are also more conscious about not infecting their surroundings.

Moreover, adults with small children are at a slightly higher risk than those without children. That’s why it’s also advised for parents to use Elimax 2in1 Shampoo during their child’s lice infestation. This gentle shampoo also works preventively and protects against infestation for up to three days.

Less Openness About Lice Among Adults

There’s a good chance you think you don’t know a single adult who has had lice. But is that really the case? The only way to prevent a lice infestation among children is by informing all the parents of the class. They are the ones who need to solve the problem. With adults, it’s slightly different. They know much quicker that they have lice and can deal with it immediately. Therefore, they don’t feel the need to announce to friends or colleagues that they have lice. Thus, logically, there is less openness about these annoying creatures among adults than children.

Fighting and Preventing Lice with Elimax

Whether lice nestle in the hair of children or adults, they are absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Anyone can get them and also get rid of them just as quickly. The lice shampoo and lotion from Elimax consist of a specially developed oil that kills lice and nits by:

  • suffocating them
  • drying out their shell, causing them to shrivel

Thanks to the LPF® factor contained in Elimax, the lice product also keeps new lice away:

  • LPF® neutralizes the electrostatic charge of the hair, making it harder for lice to move from head to head.
  • The scent of the product repels lice but smells pleasant to humans.
  • Elimax makes the hair structure unsuitable for lice, so they do not lay eggs in it.

Simply get Elimax at your local pharmacy!