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Are there any side effects to Elimax®?

Lice are annoying enough. So you wouldn’t want the treatment to cause any further harm. Fortunately, Elimax® has no side effects to speak of.

Minor side effects

Most people experience no side effects with Elimax®. When side effects do occur they are mostly minor. Possible effects are:

  • irritation of the scalp
  • itchiness and irritation around the eyes
  • reddening of the scalp, neck or ears

Rinse off the shampoo or lotion afterwards and avoid contact with eyes.

Are you pregnant? Consult your GP

As a general precaution we ask women who are pregnant or breastfeeding to seek the advice of their GP or pharmacist before using Elimax.

Elimax® kills nits and head lice and keeps new infestations at bay. Available from your pharmacist.

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